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Kerala Ayurveda Institute offers dedicated professional healthcare services and training programmes in Ayurveda for Ayurveda enthusiasts all over the Globe. Kerala Ayurveda Institute is the fruit of the effort to bring Authentic Ayurveda healthcare to your doorstep. Ayurveda is the classical medical system of India, originated and utilized for more than 5000 years. Useful for almost all human ailments and utilizes herbal combinations, massages, lifestyle modifications and counselling for chronic disease management and prevention.

Dr Kiran lal lives in Bayreuth, Bavaria Germany. He is currently working as freelance Ayurveda consultant in different Ayurveda centres and having his own Ayurveda practice, He is available for online and personal consultations by appointment +4915216822089, whats app +91 9656405176

Dr. Kiran Lal graduated from Govt Ayurveda College Trivandrum as a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) at the University of Kerala, India. He worked as an Ayurvedic consultant in various Ayurvedic institutions and wellness resorts in Kerala, India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Germany and the Netherlands. Dr. Kiranlal is also a trainer for Ayurveda therapist, Expert in personalised Panchakarma therapies and has extensive knowledge of Medicinal herbs. Dr Kiran lal also worked as a consultant and industry expert for many Ayurveda and wellness companies in different countries. Dr. Kiran lal conduct masterclasses in Ayurveda mostly based on Kerala Ayurveda therapies, he has also published two books as an editor
1, Public health initiatives of Ayush systems of medicine in Kerala
2, Good food book, healthy recipes based on Traditional and medicine in Kerala

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